I Am Some Body, The Body of My Friends, 1992-1995. Suite of 18 “selfie” photographs, 15 color and 3 black and white, each 12”x 8" (30,5 cm x 23,3 cm). #95003. Photo credit: Galeria Emi Fontana. Collection of the Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin. © APRA Foundation Berlin.

Subjects (left to right, top to bottom row): Carrie Mae Weems, February 1994, Paris; Clive Phillpot, May 1994, NYC; Rob Rubin, August 1994, Wellesley; John Weber, July 1993, NYC; Henry Louis Gates, February 1994, Paris; Ine Gevers, Martin Lucas, and Jeanne van Heeswijk, June 1994, Amsterdam; David Auerbach, May 1994, Paris; Preston Lawrence, Campbell Photo and Printing, July 1993, Washington, D.C.; Hetti Perkins and Brenda Croft, December 1992, Sydney; Lorna Simpson and Thelma Golden, February 1994, Paris; Rosalind Storr, Susanna Storr, and Rob Storr, July 1993, Brooklyn; Paula Cooper, March 1994, NYC; Olive Xavier Smith Piper (Adrian’s mother), January 1994, Hyannis; Maurice Berger, July 1993, NYC; Guenter Zoeller and Marlena Corcoran, July 1993, Providence; Keith Piper (Adrian’s distant cousin), February 1994, Paris; Martin Puryear and Ray Saunders, February 1994, Paris; Mike West, Campbell Photo and Printing, July 1993, Washington, D.C.

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