Escape to Berlin: A Travel Memoir

ISBN #978-3-9813763-4-0


Hardcover, 328 pages. 110 full-color reproductions.

Bilingual English/German edition.


In 2005 Adrian Piper secretly emigrated from the United States. Several months passed before anyone realized she had disappeared. She resurfaced in Berlin and has lived there ever since. Piper has consistently and firmly refused to return to the U.S. or explain why she left. Many assume it was because she discovered her name on the U.S. Department of Transportation Security’s Suspicious Travelers Watch List. Others point to Wellesley College’s forcible termination of her tenured Full Professorship. Yet others speculate that George W. Bush’s presidency, or American racism, or the invasion of Iraq compelled her to leave. All of these conjectures are groundless. ESCAPE TO BERLIN: A Travel Memoir is a gripping autobiographical narrative that provides a full account of the facts.

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