Shiva DANCES, For God's Sake
(for John Talbert)

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Shiva, the ascetic Hindu god of yoga and dance known as the Destroyer of Illusion, dances encircled by a Fire Wheel, on the back of the demon Apasmarapurusha. "The dance of S[h]iva represents the rhythm and movement of the world-spirit. At his dance the evil forces and darkness quiver and vanish. … Lord S[h]iva rises from His profound silence and begins to dance. The undifferentiated sound becomes differentiated through the vibration set up by the movements of His Damaru or drum. … The undifferentiated energy also becomes differentiated. … All the spheres, the atoms and the electrons also dance rhythmically and in an orderly manner. Atoms dance in the molecule and molecules dance in all bodies. Stars dance in time and space. … Various forms manifest. … When the time comes, Lord S[h]iva destroys all names and forms by fire while dancing. There is stillness again." (Swami Sivananda, Lord Siva and His Worship (Himalayas, India: Divine Life Society, 1996), 62-63). Designed for the community of seriously committed and therefore playfully serious yoginis and yogis. Barry Sturgis outdoes himself in the technological resourcefulness of this electronically composed and polyrhythmically syncopated Hindu chant. 7 minutes of slow, gradual melodic warm-up; 10 minutes of serious, funky, get-down-and-party multilayered r&b rhythms; 3 minutes of relaxing, meditative cool-down-and-stretch music. Great for high-energy yoga, Dancekinetics, raves, world music dance parties.

A Soundwork on CD

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Song concept, melody, arrangement, piano and voice by Adrian Piper.
Lyrics from traditional chant.
Guitar, percussion and bass by Barry Sturgis.
Additional piano by Misao Hoaglund.
Production by Barry Sturgis/Axis Audio/Cummaquid, MA.
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