Saraswati Ma (1999; 1:00:48)
A private, durational and meditative performance in my apartment at the apartment complex owned by the Getty Research Institute, during my year there. Performed during a weekday afternoon when all the other Scholars and Fellows were in their offices at the Institute. An a capella chant sung repeatedly for an hour. The chant has traditional lyrics and a melody from my unreliable recollection of an arrangement by the Dave Stringer Band of Los Angeles ( I chant until I am too tired and hyperventilated to continue. Luckily it is not necessary to sing on key in order to chant effectively. Saraswati, the daughter of Shiva the God of Yoga and Destroyer of Illusion, is the Goddess of Creativity in the Arts and Humanities. My philosophy work was going exceedingly well, and I was thanking her.