Streetwork Streettracks I-II (1969; 01:43:28)
The soundtrack from a meditative street performance from 1969, part of an event organized by John Perreault. I first walked slowly around the outer periphery of a block in lower Manhattan for two hours, recording whatever occurred, one week before the performance. Then during the performance a week later, I walked quickly around the inner periphery of the block for one hour, playing back what I'd recorded at twice the speed, "thus compressing time and space," as I explained to one of many individuals I encountered in the course of doing the piece. The recording contains conversations with artists Richard Van Buren and Ed Ruda, among others, and a more extended conversation with Vito Acconci. This last conversation contains interpersonal overtones I was completely unaware of at the time. There are extended segments of street noise: cars, people shouting, vendors hawking their wares, passing conversations, etc.