Unite (2005; 00:39:00. Part I of the PacMan Trilogy; video wall projection. Video animation by Colin Holgate of Funnygarbage)
This anti-pack-mentality deprogrammer, schematizes my extensive empirical experience with packs – white packs, black packs, gray packs, male packs, female packs, straight packs, gay packs, ethnic packs, religious packs, art packs, philosophy packs, professional packs, social packs, institutional packs, outsider packs – over the last five decades. It models the idealized, limiting case in which the number of originating members of the pack is finite and stipulated, and therefore can diminish progressively to zero. In reality, new recruits to the pack are continually being procreated (see Merge, 1988), programmed and inducted, as unsuitable members are rooted out; thus continually replenishing pack membership in an unlimited series that extends indefinitely into both past and future.